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Tours in Medellin, Colombia

Our fully customized private city tour of Medellin is a wonderful and unique way to see all the sights of the city offering, your friends or your family with your own private tour guide. Our customized private city tour is fun as well as educational and entertainment – all with the convenience of our best cars, trucks and SUVs.     



Enjoy the day while learning about neighborhoods, history, shopping areas, restaurants, nightclubs and other interesting places around the ciudad.  With Connecting trips you can experience this tour and many more from the moment you step off the plane.
We offer private transport and trusted or can pick one of our 5 star hotels in Medellin. We will handle everything for you.
Medellin is the city of Colombia’s second largest, surrounded by mountains and filled with friendly and happy people (known as «paisas»). The city is blessed with a wonderful climate, so Medellín is known as the «City of Eternal Spring». It is full of amazing architecture with an innovative transport system (Metro), which is the best public transport throughout Colombia.
In March 2013, Medellín was selected among 200 cities as the most innovative city in the world.

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Our fully customized private citytour of Medellín is a wonderful and unique way to see all the sights and attractions the city offers you, your friends or your family with your very own private tour guide.
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After a coffee farm tour with Connection Travel in Colombia, you will never look at a cup of coffee the same way.
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One of the best getaways in Medellín is definitely Guatapé and el Peñol. It has a huge rock where the first challenge is for you to climb 659 steps at 7012 ft above sea level and 656 ft from the ground.
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Have you ever wondered where Valentine’s Day flowers come from? Visit the town of Santa Elena with us which has the most beautiful variety of flowers and is known as the land of strawberries.
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Have you ever had challenges in your life? Would you like to face your fears that are in front of your life? If you ever wonder these questions, today you have the opportunity to face those challenges.
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In our lives we take decisions every single day and we have to make sure we take the best one. With this tour, you are the person who chooses how to drive your mountain bike. Be ready to ride one of the best trails of the area in the middle of nature that forest offers us.
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Stayed connected with nature in this spectacular place where you can enjoy the nature reserve which has a canyon marble covered by the beauty of its river where you have the opportunity to perform various activities such as rafting....
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Find another way to see nature while you drive a four-engine 260 cc. Explore muddy roads and wildlife while experiencing engine power. It is a great tour for a thrilling outdoor experience where you can have the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes through the mountains and feel the power and strength of an ATV.